Colorado Group

O-I Glass Roofing and Asbestos Removal

In 2010, Colorado Group began construction on the OI Glass Seafield Warehouse in Alloa. The 22,000 square meter structure required the removal and replacement of the roof, a process complicated by the presence of asbestos.

More than 400 tons of asbestos was be removed, requiring stringent safety precautions. All hazardous material was be containerised and transported to a licensed disposal site. The roof was then replaced with 80mm-thick composite cladding.

Careful coordination was required to meet OI's storage needs throughout 13 weeks of construction. Because OI's facility will remained operational, the team also needed precise logistical planning to protect the safety of OI employees working around the site.

Colorado engaged in value engineering in order to plan the project within OI's desired budget while maintaining a high degree of quality. For instance, ordering the large amount of cladding materials in December 2009 allowed the team to avoid price increases that were expected in January 2010.

The team found further value by assessing the lighting systems in both Seafield and Kelliebank Warehouses. Designing a more energy efficient system enables OI to enjoy cost savings year after year.



Value: £900,000

Project duration: 13 weeks