Colorado Group

Company History

Colorado Group Ltd was established in 2006 to provide a niche service in delivering a superior quality of finish for our customers, founded on our core specialist engineering and construction expertise.

We undertake our own residential and commercial developments and pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

In the last few years we have grown to £5M and expect to undertake around £9M of business in 2009. We intend to sustain our business activities at this level as we are committed to ensuring that we deliver a customer-focused personal service.

Our success comes from ensuring that we gain a full understanding of what our customers want and then delivering beyond their expectations.

The operational directors share in the ownership of the business and bring this ownership approach to how we run our projects.

Our Niche

Colorado Group people have extensive experience in delivering to exacting specifications for clients who expect a service beyond the norm, such as Lord Dalmeny at Rosebery House and for Lord and Lady Chelsea at Snaigow House. Our people have a detailed knowledge of refurbishing grade A and B listed buildings in central Edinburgh.

Through collaboration with specialist lighting and media and sound system designers, the Colorado Group is adept at programming these aspects into our building services and finishes packages to ensure a seamless and 'hidden' installation into both new and refurbished properties.

The Colorado Group has undertaken a range of engineering and infrastructure works for clients throughout Scotland, such as Scottish Water, working on several landmark projects.

The niche that Colorado has targeted is a unique combination of engineering strength and an attention to detail in completing the final touches of our projects. We pride ourselves in delivering high-end specifications after completing complicated engineering and alteration projects.

Our Customers

We believe in ownership of the projects that we are engaged to undertake and have a solution finding culture throughout our business.

This positive attitude has resulted in the Colorado Group securing a number of fitout, construction and engineering projects with a range of blue-chip customers. For a list please see our Client page.

Our repeat customers know our people and know that we will add value to their projects through working with them to deliver exactly what they want.

We constantly look for ways to improve the design and construction process and will always look for innovative solutions.

Our Approach

Trust: we believe in an open and honest approach. We will add to the process and do our utmost to solve the problems. We will deliver an excellent job and in return we will expect to be paid fairly.

The Colorado team will take full ownership of our projects engendering a whole project team approach in looking for improvements and solutions. We will add to the project by interrogating the technical specifications and whereever possible we will improve on the construction and sequencing.

Our team will ensure fast and effective on-site management and control of all safety requirements, construction interfaces and cost control.

We believe in planning our projects in detail, incorporating all aspects of the project including any customer direct requirements. We will provide regular updates and will regularly look for alternative sequencing methods to speed up the project delivery or to recover any interruptions.

Colorado Group people will bring our construction and engineering experience to the table to see where we might improve the design and better the budget.

The Colorado team will ensure scope meetings are run to allow all parties to discuss and develop a detailed understanding of each others' roles and objectives for the project. This allows Colorado Group people to look for the key elements that are needed to deliver as the customer wants.