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Pathgreen Steading


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Colorado Group is developing Pathgreen Farm Steading, a £3.5M project to provide seven dwellings within the existing green including the redevelopment of the grade B listed farm house.

The Pathgreen development is set in an area of rolling hills and valleys in the countryside just south of Perth.

The project has been designed by the award-winning heritage architects, Simpson and Brown. The design is contemporary yet sympathetic to the existing building form, with the aim of retaining the steading aesthetic and agricultural heritage of the area while creating modern residential dwellings.

The existing buildings will be converted into high quality residences, with the aim of preserving the original features and character of the main structure while ensuring open, contemporary living spaces, through the use of a combination of traditional stone and modern materials.

The village green is an important element of the overall setting of the development and the scheme format will ensure that this feature is retained for the benefit of the residences and visitors to the area.

The project will benefit from detailed plans aimed at sustainability and there is a proposal to utilise renewable energy initiatives with the aim of addressing carbon neutrality for the development as a whole.

Colorado Group is responsible for structuring the finance, managing the site acquisition, project design, attaining planning permission, construction, sales and marketing.

Value: £3.5million

Project Duration: 45 Weeks

Architect: Simpson and Brown

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